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  • Girls brand Innika Choo launched the latest sweet wind women's series


    Full of young girl's brand Innika Choo, headquartered in Paris, Paris, Australia, the designers will be combined with the Australian freedom of romance, both the young girl's sweet romance, th

  • Innovative custom clothing tailor by Guangdong television interview evo


    2025 "to Chinese manufacturing" established Internet plus clothing enterprises "side of the banner of development, enterprise internal reform, accelerate the upgrade of manufacturing ca

  • Japanese modern fashion design of the present financial


    Japan has a very strong sense of design in history, from the traditional Ukiyo-e, packaging folding, sword technology, has a worldwide influence. Especially in late nineteenth Century to early twentie

  • Special fabric is not mysterious outdoor clothing do not superstition high-tech"


    "Full function, the use of waterproof, windproof and breathable high-tech fabrics." An outdoor brand sales staff recommended to reporters a day before the new jacket is said, "but it is

  • What are the types of fancy yarns


    What are the types of fancy yarns? Fancy yarn, also known as special yarn, it has a great potential in the selection of raw materials, color matching, flower pattern changes and process parameters, wh

  • Fancy yarn dyed fabric


    Fancy yarn since its inception, very popular with consumers. For example, the slub yarn products with good permeability, feel rough, unique fancy effects and Simulation of natural uneven and so on, si

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